Democratic Club Political Endorsements

Abigail Solis

The people of the Central Valley need and deserve a California State Senator who is deeply committed to tackling poverty, creating good paying middle class jobs, investing in quality education and infrastructure improvements, as well as addressing long-standing water issues, the need for cleaner air, affordable healthcare.

These priorities underscore the critical need for new leadership, real progress and fresh ideas, and they’re precisely the reasons why Abigail Solis is running for the 14th Senate District.

Please donate to her campaign.

Jose Sigala

Jose Sigala is a Democrat running for the state assembly in District 26. He is a proven leader. He was elected to the Tulare City Council in 2016 to represent the 1st Council District. His grassroots campaign allowed him to build a coalition of community, labor and business leaders to defeat an incumbent and overwhelmingly win his council seat. Jose is running a grassroots campaign and with your help he will win.

Jose is a champion for working class families and has ardently worked for safer neighborhoods, parks/open space, after school programs, small business, responsible development, the environment, education and neighborhood empowerment.

Jose has over 20 years of legislative and public policy experience working in the California State Legislature and local government where he has worked to improve the quality of life in communities across California.

Please donate to Jose’s campaign.

Andrew Janz

The Democrat and Prosecutor Challenging Devin Nunes

Andrew was raised in Visalia; the son of immigrants, he has committed his life to public service. Andrew returned home after law school and became a prosecutor for Fresno County, and is now running for Congress to continue serving the community.

Andrew will fight for clean drinking water for residents and secure water delivery systems for our farmers who feed our nation. Andrew will be a champion for Central Valley small businesses and help bring good paying jobs to our region. It’s time to put country over party and elect good people to government.

Please donate to Andrew’s campaign.

Ruth Musser-Lopez

Currently the Chair, Inland Empire/Desert Region of the California Democratic Party’s Rural Caucus, Ruth is a former elected Needles City Council woman, retired Federal Agency (BLM, USFS, FWS) archaeologist, and community activist.

Ruth Musser-Lopez has been writing resolutions and voter initiatives since the that time realizing that the Republic Party is for the Corporations she was protesting and that the Democratic Party is for Working People, she registered Democrat.

Tired of no one running against Republican Jean Fuller, in 2014 she pulled papers as a write-in candidate for the Senate seat. Ruth wouldn’t let the Republicans run unopposed in 2018 either, so she pulled papers and is determined to turn SD16 a golden shade of blue.

Please donate to her campaign.

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