About Fake News

What is “fake news”?

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It’s very likely you’ve been bombarded with the phrase “fake news”, whether on social media, on print media, or in online news sources.

The term “fake news” took hold during the last presidential campaign, in response to stories cropping in alternative news sources, such as blogs designed to look like a mainstream new source. It’s pretty easy for a blog to look like a formal news source, given the proliferation of professional looking blog site “templates”.  Simply add a nice header image, come up with catchy titles for your stories, grab news-related images and add biased (and even completely false) content.  Once like-minded people share these stories via social media, they will unfortunately go viral — and they did.

Lately, proponents of the current administration have taken to call just about any news source not in their best interests “fake news”…

What can you do in response to “fake news”?

Visit fact-checking websites like these often, when you see something being shared from a non-traditional news source, or you read something that doesn’t seem quite right in your mind…. (social media links also available)




Washington Post Fact Checker


It’s up to you, whether or not you’ll share your findings with others you think are being swayed by fake news stories and/or sites…