Register to Vote

Voting is an important right, exercise it regularly.

Your votes helps elect the officials that will govern this country.

The actions of our elected officials will directly and indirectly effect important aspects of all our lives now and in the future. Will our personal freedom be increased or decreased? Will we have a fair taxation policy? Will there be needed services such as police and fire protection? Will consumers have protection from predatory business practices? Will our children and young adults have access to quality public schools and to higher education? What future do you want for your community, state and nation?

If you are not registered, register now!
The California Secretary of State webpage is filled with helpful information on how to register to vote, elections and important dates to remember. You can register to vote online via the California Online Voter Registration webpage (available in multiple languages).

Find your voter information!
Locate your voter information, such as polling place, precinct no. as well as Congressional District, State Assembly District, State Senate District and more by clicking on your county of residence:
Fresno County
Kern County
Kings County: does not have a way to look up this information. If you have questions you will have to call the Elections Office (559) 852-4401
Tulare County

For counties not listed above go to the Calfornia Secretary of State’s list of County Election Offices.

Problems Voting:
If you had problems voting go to the California Secretary of State’s page  Help America Vote Act. The page contains information regarding the Help America Vote Act. If you feel that you should file a complaint because of problems you encountered while voting or attemping to vote you will find  a link to the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) Complaint Form and Procedures page.

You can also complete our contact form and we will help you get registered to vote.